Top upcoming 5G mobiles in India

5G mobiles in India

5G mobiles in India – With technology almost growing every day, our lives have started revolving around it. Every day, we cannot keep ourselves away from technology. From smartphones to kitchen appliances, all of it is fully automated and requires our commands to work. Similarly, our lives are incomplete without smartphones. Calls, Google searching, video calls, all of it is done through our phones. Therefore, we require something that is fast and can easily be carried anywhere. Also check white goods

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives therefore, it is important to know the difference between a good smartphone and a phone that might ruin your experience as a user. While most of the smartphones that are available in the market have something good and unique to offer to the users, the best smartphone will offer the right balance between all the features of the smartphone. 

The best smartphone would allow you to watch a movie, download heavy graphic games, edit a video, and make a spreadsheet without any glitches. Such smartphones are an all-rounder in all senses. Moreover, your cell phone should also be connectable to the latest 5G network. So, here are a few smartphones that have excellent connectivity and are smooth while working or processing something. 

Xiaomi MI 11  

  • Xiaomi MI 11 has a 6.81 inch AMOLED 3D curved display as well as a resolution of 3200×1440. 
  • It has a good island camera at the back and serves with a triple camera setup. 
  • Xiaomi MI 11 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. 
  • The storage of the phone is 12GB RAM and is expandable up to 256 GB. 
  • Xiaomi MI 11 has a 5,000mAh battery and supports fast wireless and wired charging. 
  • Supports 5G network, Bluetooth version 5.0, and can connect to any wifi. 

Xiaomi MI 11 is expected to launch by October 7th, 2021! 

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Apple iPhone SE 3

Apple iPhone SE 3 is said to be one of the best mobiles in India and gives very tough competition to its competitors. 

  • The display of the phone is as massive as a 6.7 inch OLED display.
  • This phone is powered by an A14 Bionic Chipset that promises a smooth overall performance of the smartphone. 
  • Apple iPhone SE 3 offers a triple camera setup that contains a 12MP primary camera, 12MP telephoto camera, and 12MP ultrawide camera. The picture quality is excellent.  
  • The battery life of the phone is good but drains faster. It also supports fast charging. 
  • Apple iPhone SE 3 works with 5G cellular networks. 

The Apple iPhone SE 3 smartphone is expected to launch by November 26th, 2021. 

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G 

  • Samsung Galaxy F52 5G has a very good display quality that makes the phone look classy.
  • The smartphone has a 7.6 inches display with a resolution of 1768×2208. 
  • It has a triple camera set up with all three of them being 12 Megapixels each. 
  • Samsung Galaxy F52 5G has 12 GB RAM, 256GB UFS storage, and the storage can be expanded by inserting a microSD card.  
  • This smartphone by Samsung comes with a 4500mAh battery and has good battery life. 
  • Samsung Galaxy F52 5G supports wireless as well as wired fast charging. 

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is launching on September 24, 2021! 

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Oppo A54 5G 

Oppo has become one of the biggest companies in the smartphone market over the years. The company has launched some brilliant phones in years now. 

  • Oppo A54 5G has a 6.55 inches AMOLED display as well as a resolution of 1080×2400. 
  • It has a quad-camera set up with the primary camera being 64Mp. The front camera is 32Mp. 
  • The phone consists of a 4500mAh battery, supports fast charging, and has great battery life. 
  • Oppo A54 5G is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity processor. 
  • This smartphone has 12GB RAM and internal storage of 265GB.  

The phone is expected to launch on 17th September 2021! 


Smartphones are the most important part of our lives. With the change in the style of living, smartphones have become more convenient. And cellular networks have to bring stronger networks in the market. Therefore, smartphone companies have to launch a phone that connects smoothly and does not create any issues. So, look for the perfect phone in the market and invest your money wisely! 

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