Tips for your trip to Mauritius

Want to try Mauritius Holidays? Here are some tips for organizing your stay there.

Direct flight is recommended

With age and the different trips, I tend to favor direct flights now so as not to find myself stuck for several hours in a transit airport. Often night flights are interesting, because you leave late and you are already ready to sleep. No more specific advice here, you can look at Air Mauritius which offers direct flights for example.

Advice for accommodation

Mauritius is a truly perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. The hotels on site are of good quality. You will inevitably find a charming hotel in Mauritius for your holidays. Generally speaking, I would advise you to set a budget for your accommodation and look for hotels that meet your price criteria. On some sites, you will find many photo details of hotels in Mauritius. There really is everything, but don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

Then either you go through an agency and you specify your choice for accommodation, or you book your accommodation yourself. I even advise to take two or three different accommodations and to visit the island a little more in order to discover all the corners of the island.

If you are going on a 2-week trip to Mauritius, why not spend 5 days in each hotel? I had been able to stay in hotels in the north of the island, but also in the south on the Bel Ombre side, I had found a really very quiet hotel.

Rent a car on site

By preparing for your stay through forums or guides, you will very quickly be confronted with this first problem: how to get around the island? Some will recommend the public transport network (inexpensive and covering the whole island quite well) and others will prefer taxis (freedom of movement, no left-hand drive, but quite expensive).

The best transport combining freedom and budget remains, in my opinion, car rental.

You still have to check a few points before booking your vehicle, but it’s quite easy to drive in Mauritius even if you drive on the left side! Because yes, Mauritius being a former British colony, driving is on the left and not on the right as with us. It may surprise you at first, but you quickly get used to this new behavior. Be careful all the same with the model you choose, changing your reflexes is one thing, but shifting gears with your left hand is another. I will generally advise you to book your vehicle in advance so as not to find yourself on D-Day with prohibitive prices.

At the rental level, there are the big brands that charge quite high prices and are often twice as expensive as local rental companies. But local rental companies, there are a multitude of them and it is difficult to sort them out! If you have a particular need or a question, do not hesitate to call them! Their prices are very competitive and rental agencies are noted by former tenants.

I still have some other tips related to Mauritius Holidays but I will share them in the next article.

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