UAE has various kinds of free zones for starting a firm and you should acquire enough understanding about each of these. Although there are some mutual benefits of each free zone. A few UAE free zones have their own unique advantage for entrepreneurs. In this blog, we will talk about the advantages of ajman free zone business setup.

Ajman free zone (AFZ) came into being in 1988, which steered vast industrial expansion by employing a massive number of firms. Any company in the Ajman free zone grew with a substantial ROI rate. It has a significant setting, which gives it the benefit of assisting investors across UAE. All the laws and ordinances in the free Zone are put under the supervision of the Ajman free zone council. Ajman also has an additional free zone, which is known as Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ). This new free trade zone influences a span of licenses for new investors. Because of its abundance of choices for entrepreneurs, it is considered as one of the best places to launch a business in the UAE.


Quick and simple registration 

The main reason that makes Ajman Free Zone an exceptional option for your business is its hassle-free registration procedure. Here, you only have to show up once to certify and sign the business papers in front of the authority. Rest of the procedure can be arrange digitally through the jurisdiction’s earmark consumer portal. You only have to submit some basic documentation such as passport copies and business documents. The whole procedure may only take as short as two days if all aspects are laid in the proper direction. In addition, the free zone also delivers 24/+ customer care support.

Low customs duty, 100% foreign ownership & repatriation of capital

Businesses operating in the Ajman free zone are excused from customs duties on imports & exports that are not a fraction of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). However, if a company is importing from or exporting to a region that’s not a portion of the GCC. Then it has to settle with some customs duty. Also, as a free zone, a company doesn’t need a local partner to integrate a business and own 51% of its shares. A foreign investor can completely own the company and retain all the profit. It permits foreign investors to transfer corporate money to their nation from the UAE.

Strategic location and global reach

The eminently promising and favourable location of the Ajman Free Zone makes it indeed an excellent option for the best part of businesses launching their own company in the UAE. The area is favorable for entrepreneurs who are inquisitive in import and export trade. It helps businesses to make wonderful connections and vicinity to markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East region. The free zone is within reach of two international airports and prominent seaports, ensuring susceptible accessibility. Making it very bidding to companies that immerse in different activities. It also has enormous road correlations to nearby emirates and is only half an hour away from Dubai.

Cost-effective business setup and installments

Ajman Free Zone delivers cost-effective solutions for businesses of different sizes, particularly small and medium-sized companies that strive to curtail their capital and operating expenses. While boosting their budgets for other actions. It also delivers an instalment payment policy where you can register your company by spending only a fraction of the government fees at a time. It is really useful for those who are dreaming of setting up a business but do not have a huge budget. In addition, the business packages available in Ajman Free Zone. It can be personalizing to match a business’s special necessities, scale and size.

Multiple visa options

Another benefit of the Dubai freezone company formation is the availability of various packages with many visa preferences. The Smart Office package enables business owners to receive up to three visas at a time. While the executive office package grants up to five visas. There is also a special package for those who cannot pay for a physical space. It enables them to benefit from the Flexi-desk package. Besides, Ajman Free Zone gives entrepreneurs access to contemporary establishments, such as office spaces, conference rooms, warehouse equipment as well as other assistance for trading and other activities.

Startup backing and incentive packages

Based on the fiscal relief incentive launched by Ajman Free Zone acknowledging the pandemic. It has introduced an instalment payment policy to make it simple for new companies to carry out the preliminary setup expenses. Ajman Free Zone has also relinquish the e-channel tax that cost around AED 5,000 as a manner of backing up companies that have been impact by Covid-19. New and subsisting companies in Ajman Free Zone can also bring in the most of other inducements available. The encompassing a three-month flexible instalment payment plan on their company centre lease. A 25% discount in the fee of labor accommodation and deducted rates on company registration.

Open to various business categories

More and more entrepreneurs are looking to get their trading license in AFS as it permits almost every business activity. The right blend of enterprises and businesses make Ajman Free Zones the ideal location for entrepreneurs to convey and share their proficiency and aptitude. It not only delivers industrial and professional licenses but also a separate e-commerce license, which is not distribute in most of the other free zones of UAE.


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